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Apple Month



October is National Apple Month! To celebrate the fruit that is the core (eh, see what we did there?) of our business, we’ve partnered with Green Mountain Grills to bring our supporters a month of exciting contests, recipes and events!

This month, we’ll be celebrating the bountiful harvest & boldly crafted cider at our 8th Annual Harvest Party on October 13th, as well as hosting an in-store competition throughout the month to win a grill from Green Mountain Grills. Check out the video below for more information, and visit participating locations near you to enter!



Participating Chains



Need a great cider & apple recipe to try during Apple Month? Check out a few below, and make sure to tag any of your own recipes at #2TownsAppleMonth for a chance to be featured!

Crispy Herb Brightcider Can Chicken

Ginja Ninja Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

Pacific Pineapple BBQ Chicken