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Corvallis, Ore. – Jun 20, 2024 -Nectar Creek is buzzing with excitement as Super Mure and Super Cyser strike liquid gold at the Oregon Wine Awards! Super Mure earned a remarkable 92 points, while Super Cyser was awarded an impressive 91 points, both earning a coveted Gold Medal.

Phil Lorenz, co-founder and brand manager at Nectar Creek, shares, “It’s incredibly gratifying to see our premium meads recognized at the Oregon Wine Awards. Our barrel-aged Super Mure and Super Cyser, reintroduced after a decade-long hiatus, blend timeless craftsmanship with a modern twist. These awards validate our decision to bring back these classics, and I’m thrilled by the enthusiasm and recognition they’ve received.”

These mead marvels made their triumphant return to the Nectar Creek lineup in February 2024, after a decade-long hiatus.

🥇 Super Mure – GOLD (Mead): 92 points

Super Mure, a melomel-style mead, combines blackberries and blackberry honey aged in oak barrels. It delivers a balanced 14% ABV profile of tannin, oak, and honey sweetness. Pairs well with milk chocolate or stands well on its own.

🥇 Super Cyser – GOLD (Mead): 91 points

Crafted from Pacific Northwest apples and local blackberry honey. Fermented and aged in white wine barrels, this 14% ABV cyser perfectly balances apple acidity with honey sweetness. Pairs well with fresh apple cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

Both meads are available in 375mL bottles through Oregon distributors.

About Nectar Creek Meadery
Founded in 2012, Nectar Creek, a sister brand of 2 Towns Ciderhouse, makes meads using pure unfiltered honey. Their offerings include a wide variety of lightly carbonated meads as well as some unique barrel aged and traditional meads. As one of the leaders of the resurgence of the mead category, Nectar Creek’s products have been helping bring this age-old beverage into the mainstream. To learn more about the company, track their progress, and see where you can pick up a bottle off the shelf, visit @nectarcreek.

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