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Corvallis, OR – December 1, 20202 Towns Ciderhouse wants to invite Mid-Willamette businesses in need to apply for their free PPE program, intended to help assist those impacted by the most recent government shut down by providing supplies such as hand sanitizer and surface sanitizing wipes. Priority goes to businesses directly affected by the shutdown, but all are welcome to put in a request.

Recognizing the costs that many businesses face due to the pandemic induced closures, 2 Towns wants to help lessen the reopening costs by making PPE readily available for other local businesses. Already in high demand, these added costs can be the deciding factor in whether small businesses successfully can reopen while following the Oregon Health Authority’s strict pandemic guidelines.

After starting hand sanitizer production in May, 2 Towns has been working hard to assist in the PPE shortage that has plagued local communities and businesses. They have also been able to source additional hard to come by supplies such as sanitizing alcohol wipes to add to their PPE offerings. 

Since beginning its donation program, 2 Towns has donated (132) gallon jugs and (4576) individual 10 & 12 oz bottles – totaling roughly 503 gallons of hand sanitizer – to businesses, programs, and individuals in need.

Businesses can apply for the 2 Towns PPE program which includes both hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes by sending an email to [email protected] with 1) businesses name, 2) main contact, 3) the number of employees and 4) estimated number of daily customers the business has. For any businesses that sell alcohol, as a supplier, 2 Towns is traditionally unable to donate any goods to businesses with liquor licenses. They are in the process of working with the OLCC to gain clearance to donate directly to licensed businesses and still encourage anyone in need to apply so they can be easily added to the program if approval is given.

PPE - Antibacterial Alcohol Hand & Surface Wipes provided by 2 Towns Ciderhouse

“We know 2020 has been a rough year for everyone,” said Lee Larsen, CEO and Co-Founder, “and [we] wanted to make sure to share some of the PPE supplies we have to help get the community back on their feet as safely as possible. We know that working together is the best way we are all going to make it to the other side of this pandemic and want to continue to do our part.”

Over the past eight months, 2 Towns has had the privilege of working closely with local and state government agencies, health and safety workers, hospitals, nonprofits, and other businesses to keep their employees and customers safe. In September, the company worked closely with emergency relief programs from Benton, Lane, Marion, Multnomah, and Lincoln counties to provide supplies and relief to evacuees from the Labor Day fires.

Any businesses in need of additional hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes in the Mid-Willamette community is encouraged to get in contact with the 2 Towns Ciderhouse team. Hand sanitizer and wipes are also available at the Tap Room or through for community members.