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Our Mission


Bringing cider back to the people!

Our mission at 2 Towns Ciderhouse has always been to bring cider back to the people, restoring this historic beverage to its former glory through integrity in both ingredients and process. We believe craft beverages should be simple, so we simply use the whole fruits that nature provides, and nothing else.

Vision: We aspire to make craft cider that is accessible to the people, utilizing quality Northwest ingredients and practices, without being afraid to do things differently. Much like our cider, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is bold, unique, and filled with energy. Our crew is what makes what we do possible, and we are committed to fostering an environment of fairness, empowerment, and security.

Company Values:

  • Quality
  • Enthusiasm / Passion
  • Positive attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Family, friends, fans, fun!