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Quality - What is Craft?

No Shortcuts!

We stress our commitment to quality a lot, but that’s because we think it really matters, not only to us as cidermakers, but to our fans, and the legacy of hard cider.

At 2 Towns Ciderhouse we made a commitment to always honor the rich history of cidermaking, and believe that at it’s core, craft cider should be simple, so we simply use the whole fruit and nothing else.

  • Always whole, locally sourced agricultural ingredients whenever possible
  • Fresh-pressed Northwest Apples from Oregon and Washington farms
  • Slow, cold fermentation which retains the delicate character of the ingredients
  • Time intensive cidermaking techniques that draw from cider’s distant past, to pushing the boundaries of what cider can be today and into the future!

What do we mean by shortcuts? 

People often assume the products they are consuming are honest and pure, but many would be surprised to learn that some of them simply are not, even in the awesome world of hard cider. Many cider brands today are choosing to take whatever shortcuts necessary to cut costs, so long as the end result passes for a hard apple cider. Often these shortcuts are disguised with deceptive labeling and creative, but empty words to mislead the consumer and portray a higher quality.

  • Apple concentrate, often from overseas apples
  • High fructose corn syrup or other processed sugars added
  • Fast fermentation at hot temperatures
  • Artificial apple flavor and other fake flavorings, sugar and caramel color added to attempt to restore the look & flavor of a hard cider

No deception here, 2 Towns Ciderhouse flat out refuses to take these shortcuts. Period. Hard cider has a rich history in the United States, and across the world, and we want to honor that history by making real craft cider, boldly crafted right here in the Pacific Northwest!