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General Information

EMAIL: info [at]
PHONE: (541) 207-3915
ADDRESS: 33930 SE Eastgate Cir. Suite E
Corvallis, OR 97333

Sales & Distribution

EMAIL: sales [at]

** Due to Coronavirus Concerns, we are not currently accepting event reservations **

2 Towns offers several options for hosting events at our Ciderhouse facility on Hwy 34 in Corvallis. Our space is flexible with accommodations for a wide range of uses. From business mixer to intimate family celebration, we have what it takes to make your event awesome!

Barrel Room

Capacity: 30 people
Base rate: $30 per hour
Includes: HD projector with 135″ Screen with HDMI connection, Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth Speakers, Pinball/Arcade games, Pool Table
Ideal for Informal Gatherings

Upstairs Studio

Capacity: 30 People
Base Rate: $20 per Hour
Includes: Tables and Chairs, 55″ Presentation Screen with HDMI connection, Wi-Fi Access, Bluetooth Speakers
Ideal for Meetings and Presentations

Cellar Area

Capacity: 60 People Standing, 28 Seated
Base Rate: $60 per Hour
Includes: Access to Foosball Table and Cornhole Games, WiFi, Relaxed Atmosphere in Production Setting, Some Tables Provided.

Both Cellar and Barrel Room can be rented in conjunction for $90 an hour. Large double doors allow direct access between the two spaces.

Our entire facility is available for exclusive access and price will be quoted upon request according to individual event details. Capacity: 149 people for all 4 rooms.

Call for price quotes for non-profit events.

Set up/decorating time will be included in hourly rate calculation if applicable. Final cost will be calculated as event ends. Cost of cider is not included in rental rate. Gratuity will be added to all opened tabs for groups over 10 people. Catering is allowed with prior notice and must come from a licensed facility. We do not provide catering or service-ware for catered food items. Food must remain in rented areas, not in areas available to general public.

Please contact Sara Cravens, Tap Room Manager, with any questions or to set up a reservation.

Thank you for considering 2 Towns Ciderhouse for your special event!

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Cider Donations

2 Towns Ciderhouse is a proud supporter of the communities we operate in. We are happy to consider donations to nonprofit and community groups, however we do not donate to out-of-state events, religious or political organizations & causes. To be considered for a donation, please complete the form in its entirety. Please have your TSL-NP or Written Permission for Auction or Raffle form ready, as we will need it on file for donations of alcohol or gift cards. If approved, donations must be picked up from our taproom location in Corvallis. Thank you!

Organization Details

Event Information

Does the event location carry an annual liquor license?*


I would also like to request:

Please note that all keg donations are charged a $95 deposit fee that is fully refundable when the keg is returned in good working condition.

I certify that I am eligible to solicit alcohol donations for the above organization, and am responsible for ensuring that the requested donation is handled in accordance with OLCC guidelines.

Keg Request

Interested in renting a Keg? We usually have 1/2bbls and 1/6bbls available in some of our cider varieties including:

  • BrightCider: 6% ABV | $83 per 1/6bbl | $176 per 1/2bbl
  • Pacific Pineapple: 5% ABV | $95 per 1/6bbl | $200 per 1/2bbl
  • Made Marion: 6% ABV | $95 per 1/6bbl | $200 per 1/2bbl
  • Prickly Pearadise: 5.3% ABV | $95 per 1/6bbl | $200 per 1/2bbl
  • Easy Squeezy: 5% ABV | $95 per 1/6bbl | $200 per 1/2bbl
  • Bad Apple: 10.5% ABV | $116 per 1/6bbl

    The 1/6bbl kegs (also known as Corny or Pony kegs) are just over 5 gallons or ~44 pints. A 1/2bbl is a full-size keg and is 15.5 gallons or ~124 pints.

    Keg rental policy: Each keg has a $95 deposit that is fully refundable as long as you return the keg within 90 days in good condition. We do not rent out tap equipment but if you need it, Corvallis Brewing Supply carries rentals and taps for purchase. We use American Standard Sanke D taps.

    Availability changes often so if you are interested, give us a call and we can reserve a keg for you for pick up – this ensures your selection.

    (541) 207-3915 ext. 1

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Keg Order Details

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Keg Deposit Disclosure:

2 Towns Ciderhouse charges a $95.00 keg deposit which is refunded when the empty keg shell is returned to 2 Towns Ciderhouse. 2 Towns asks that all keg shells be returned within 90 days from the time of purchase and be returned in full functioning order. Late, damaged, or lost kegs will result in the forfeiture of the $95.00 deposit.

I indicate that the information on this form is true and correct. I understand it is unlawful to:
  • Sell, give or otherwise make alcoholic beverages available to a minor (someone under 21 years of age)
  • Sell, give or otherwise make alcoholic beverages available to a visibly intoxicated person.
  • Sell alcoholic beverages without OLCC approved licensing.

Warning: Violating any of these is a Class A Misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of $5,000 fine, one year in county jail, or both. By signing this form, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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