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Mead enthusiasts rejoice to Sting’s return as part of Nectar Creek’s Rotating Seasonal line

Corvallis, Ore. – May 13, 2022 – Back by popular demand, Nectar Creek Meadery is reintroducing Sting, a beloved honey and ginger mead beverage slated to hit shelves in May 2022. Mead, the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, is made by fermenting honey.

Crafted from pure, unfiltered honey and fresh hand-pressed ginger, this golden brew is headlining Nectar Creek’s 2022 Rotating Seasonal line. By marrying honey with ginger, this exquisite beverage boasts a sting of warmth, a tease of sweetness, and a dry finish. 

“Sting is back and better than ever. By hand grinding the ginger, we brought out that spicy zing, and it came together bee-autifully.” said Dave Takush, head cider maker. “This is pure, unfiltered love for the fans. They spoke and we meaded their call.” 

Spicy, warm, and sharp, this craft beverage is the perfect sipper to enjoy while relaxing on a spring afternoon, rafting down the river, or frolicking in the field. 


  • 8% ABV | Honey wine
  • Made with pure, unfiltered honey, and fresh hand-pressed ginger

Mead Profile

  • Unfiltered raw honey married with fresh pressed ginger 
  • Spicy zing with subtle honey and citrus notes

Sting will be available in 500mL bottles, ½ bbl & ⅙ bbl kegs through distributors in Oregon, Washington, and California.

About Nectar Creek Meadery 

Founded in 2012, Nectar Creek, a sister brand of 2 Towns Ciderhouse,  makes meads using pure unfiltered honey. Their offerings include a wide variety of lightly carbonated meads. As one of the leaders of the resurgence of the mead category, Nectar Creek’s products have been helping bring this age-old beverage into the mainstream. To learn more about the company, track their progress, and see where you can pick up a bottle off the shelf, visit @nectarcreek. 

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