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Corvallis, Ore. – Jan 2, 2024 – Nectar Creek Meadery, a sister brand of 2 Towns Ciderhouse, proudly introduces its premium line of barrel-aged meads with the launch of Super Cyser and Super Mure. Phil Lorenz, co-founder and brand manager of Nectar Creek explains, “These premium barrel aged meads reflect our commitment to age-old craftsmanship with a modern twist. With ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Super Mure and Super Cyser, deliver a rich and nuanced flavor experience that is truly exceptional.”

Super Cyser: A 10-Year Comeback
Back by popular demand, Nectar Creek Meadery and 2 Towns Ciderhouse are proud to reintroduce Super Cyser, a regal mead from 10 years ago, breathing new life into this time honored masterpiece.
This warm, rich cyser is made with Pacific Northwest apples and local blackberry honey. Fermented and aged in white wine barrels, Super Cyser boasts a rich, aromatic profile, perfectly balancing the acidity of crisp apples with the sweetness of honey.
Specs: 14% ABV | Cyser (Honey/Apple Mead)
Ingredients: Made with local blackberry honey and Pacific Northwest apple juice fermented in white wine barrels
Pairings: Pairs well with Fresh Apple Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream

Super Mure: A Blackberry-Infused Melomel Delight
With a respectful nod to tradition, Super Mure revives the classic melomel style reminiscent of Medieval times. This royal nectar combines blackberries and blackberry honey fermented in oak barrels. It delivers just the right balance of tannin, oak character and warm honey sweetness. At a commanding 14% alcohol by volume (ABV), this indulgent creation offers a sensory journey that is nothing short of extraordinary.
Ingredients: Local blackberry honey, Oregon Marion blackberries
Aging: Oak barrels
Pairings: Milk chocolate, stands well on its own

Availability: Super Cyser and Super Mure will be available in 375mL bottles through distributors in Oregon. Discover the unparalleled flavor experience of Nectar Creek Meadery’s premium line of barrel aged mead, where ancient craftsmanship meets the contemporary palate.

About Nectar Creek Meadery
Founded in 2012, Nectar Creek, a sister brand of 2 Towns Ciderhouse, makes meads using pure unfiltered honey. Their offerings include a wide variety of lightly carbonated meads. As one of the leaders of the resurgence of the mead category, Nectar Creek’s products have been helping bring this age-old beverage into the mainstream. To learn more about the company, track their progress, and see where you can pick up a bottle off the shelf, visit @nectarcreek.

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