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Cider Shop FAQs

Can I ship cider with apparel on the same order?

A: No, cider must be ordered and shipped separately from any apparel orders. There is a separate “Apparel Cart” and “Cider Cart” to handle the different order types. This is a requirement of the complicated systems necessary to legally sell/ship alcohol.  


How do I access my “Cider Cart”?

A: When you add a cider to your cart, you will automatically see the “Cider Cart”.

To view your “Cider Cart” from any page, click “Cart” at the top navigation bar to view your “Apparel Cart”, then click “View Cider Cart” button to access your separate shopping cart for Cider.


How do I place an order?

A: Click the “checkout” button within the appropriate cart for which you are trying to place an order. You may create an account login to speed up the process for future orders, or simply continue as a guest. Enter your shipping/payment details and place your order.


Do you ship international?

A: No, we currently only offer direct cider sales within the United States.


Am I able to order cider to my state?

A: Check out our Cider Shipping Map to see which states we are able to sell/ship our cider to


Where can I buy cider near me?

A: Use our Cider Finder to search for the nearest locations that carry our cider!