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Hand Sanitizer FAQs

Why does it say ‘non-sterile solution’?

Certain topical OTC (Over-The-Counter) antiseptic products include “non-sterile” on their labeling. The term “nonsterile” on the product label means it was not sterilized during manufacturing. It does not mean that the product contains harmful microorganisms. The FDA requests that manufacturers package antiseptics indicated for preoperative or preinjection skin preparation in single-use containers. Since this is not a single-use container nor meant for preoperative or preinjection skin preparation, the package must be labeled ‘non-sterile’.

You can find additional information on this topic, including further information regarding why FDA requires the “non-sterile” labeling here.

What kind of alcohol is used to make this hand sanitizer?

We use denatured ethyl alcohol, which means it is alcohol that is not meant for human consumption.

Is this hand sanitizer edible?

Our hand sanitizer is not edible and is not meant for human consumption.

Why did 2 Towns start making hand sanitizer?

We saw a need in our local communities and decided to put our resources to work for a good cause.

What should I do if someone ingests the hand sanitizer?

Please contact a health care provider immediately.

Can I order more?

You can order more hand sanitizer online for local delivery at [email protected], or pick up more at our taproom location.

Is this FDA approved?

Yes, this hand sanitizer is made according to FDA and World Health Organization guidelines.

What is the ‘WHO hand rub formulation’? Is this hand sanitizer?

The ‘WHO’ is the World Health Organization. The official name for this hand sanitizer is the ‘WHO hand rub formulation’

Why might this product runny and liquid?

The product consistency may vary. The product could be liquid in nature or have some gel-like consistency. Both are normal and expected.

What are the ingredients in this?

The ingredients are: ethyl alcohol and/or isopropyl alcohol, water, vegetable glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and may include acrylate cross polymers (thickening agents).