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Welcome to the 2 Towns blog, where in addition to various topics and updates about all things cider, you’ll also hear directly from myself, Dave Takush, head cidermaker at 2 Towns Ciderhouse. 

That was one hell of a winter. Now that that’s over, let’s start off with a quick update on Spring! Or really, the tardiness of Spring. Who knew the sun could be so shy?

The Willamette Valley, Oregon is known for mild winter weather and a reliably frost-free spring season.    

The Willamette Valley is also where we have our own traditional cider apple orchard, on the banks of the Willamette River. I manage this orchard along with my father, Don Takush. (pictured together after some tractor work in the orchard)

All of our growers around the Northwest are reporting bloom dates about ten days later than last season. After the past few years of early Springs, that actually puts us a lot closer to historical norms.

Lucky for us, all of our traditional English and French cider varieties bloom about 2 weeks later than the more modern dessert apple varieties. We have about a dozen varieties dating back to the late 1600 and early 1700’s including, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Dabinette, Porter’s Perfection, Harry Master’s Jersey, Brown Snout, Muscat de Bernay and Michelin.

So, while the bees were struggling a bit after such a cold, wet spring, I am happy to report they are doing fantastic now, happily buzzing about, pollinating these ‘late bloomers’.

I am also happy to report that even our sheep are finally getting to enjoy the sunshine in the pasture nearby.

As for us here at 2 Towns, we too are gearing up for Spring. We look forward to seeing you out there.






Dave Takush

Head Cidermaker

2 Towns Ciderhouse