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Lambic-Style Cider, La Mûre, from 2 Towns Ciderhouse First of Its Kind to Hit the Cider Scene

Posted  06/20/17 in Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Corvallis, Ore. - June 20, 2017 - The 2015 vintage La Mûre (6.9% ABV) from 2 Towns Ciderhouse is available starting this week. La Mûre, a lambic-style craft cider, is inspired by the famous lambic beers of Belgium and embodies the Flemish styles of old. Northwest apples and Oregon-grown Marion blackberries are fermented, then soured with Lactobacillus. Aged in Willamette Valley Pinot Noir barrels for one year,...


Posted  06/15/17 in Blog

New website at last!

Posted  06/9/17 in Blog
Welcome ciderfans, to the looong awaited new website, and with it our blog! We know you've been longing for a better source of information on our ciders, our company, and other 2 Towns happenings, and believe it or not, so have we! This website project has been in the works for a very long time, and we apologize for the delay and frustration it likely caused when seeking out more information...

Letter from the CEO

Posted  06/5/17 in Blog
It’s very humbling to see the excitement around craft cider today. When we started out in 2010, as one of the pioneers of Oregon cider culture, it was not uncommon for people to ask “when we added the alcohol” or “how do you make your grapes taste like apple”. We never expected the curiosity and excitement for cider to develop so fast. We have always endeavored to create the highest...

2 Towns Ciderhouse Releases Prickle Me Pink ^2 Prickly Pear and Watermelon Limited Release and Seasonal Hop & Stalk

Posted  05/24/17 in Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   2 Towns Ciderhouse Releases Prickle Me Pink ^2  Prickly Pear and Watermelon Limited Release and Seasonal Hop & Stalk Corvallis, Ore. - May 24, 2017 - Prickle Me Pink^2, a brand new iteration of a favorite past limited release cider is now available from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, as well as a summer season hopped cider, Hop & Stalk.  Both ciders are available throughout 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s distribution...

Cidermaker Update - Spring!

Posted  05/19/17 in Blog
Welcome to the 2 Towns blog, where in addition to various topics and updates about all things cider, you'll also hear directly from myself, Dave Takush, head cidermaker at 2 Towns Ciderhouse.  That was one hell of a winter. Now that that's over, let's start off with a quick update on Spring! Or really, the tardiness of Spring. Who knew the sun could be so shy? The Willamette Valley, Oregon...

MEDIA COVERAGE - Two-tier tax a burden for cider producers   Filing taxes is never a pleasant task, but for cider producers, the rules are particularly onerous. That is because cider makers in Oregon have to comply with a two-tier tax system that means their product is often taxed at the same rate as beer but sometimes also falls under a higher tax bracket paid by wine producers. As the Oregon cider market grows and small labels proliferate, producers...