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Dear 2 Towns Community,

As a company and as members of the cider community, we firmly believe that people of all genders are an integral part of the craft cider and craft alcohol industry.

We recognize inclusion, diversity, equity, and representation as important and necessary parts of present and future successes. We believe that existing structures of power, privilege, and discrimination must be actively questioned and evaluated to create equitable opportunities in an environment that embraces and values our differences.

We support the growing #NoAppleogies movement, which was started in response to misogynistic statements made towards members of our global cider community, aimed at raising awareness of the legitimacy of all women and people in the cider industry.

We implore the industry as a whole to #ReThinkCider and end the objectification of femininity in craft alcohol. As an industry built on community, we need to work to make sure all feel welcomed and encouraged to participate. All people have a place in the industry we love

We are exceptionally proud of the folks on our crew and stand by them all. Their hard work has moved mountains for not just 2 Towns but the cider industry as a whole. Our strength as a company comes from our crew and their diverse experiences and backgrounds, and we believe that when people feel respected, supported and included, they are more innovative and successful.

We will strive to create products, events, opportunities, and organizational policies that embody these values and continue evaluating these practices for sustained growth and improvement.

To learn more about the #NoAppleogies movement, check out the movement’s founder @girlwithaciderreview or the Neutral Cider Hotel’s episode talking about the movement. 

Keep talking. Continue the discourse. We support you and are with you.

2 Towns Ciderhouse