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Have you given canned wine a fair shot?  After some testing and a little research, all of us here can agree; canned wine is the perfect go-to wine when you don’t want to open a full bottle, for adventuring,  and a bunch of other reasons. 

After extensive research (aka googling) we have discovered that there are a ton of common misconceptions about canned wine.  There are plenty of advantages to drinking canned wine that no one seems to be talking about, which we think is just wrong! So our crew sat down, cracked a can, and put together a short list explaining why canned wine is just the best!

  1. Portability! For those of us adventure lovers out there portability is key!  Have you ever hiked with a bottle of wine, corkscrew, AND glasses?  We have and we would not recommend it.  If you have any type of adventuring in mind, cans are the perfect way to go.  Zero glassware required AND easy to pack in / pack out!
  2. Canned wine chills faster.  One hundred percent true. Let’s take it back to middle school science (stay with us here),  since aluminum is a great conductor of temperature, this makes it a perfect vessel for chilling a can quickly in your campsite cooler, or even better, right in a mountain spring!
  3. Supporting Oregon Wine!  All varieties of Bold Leaf are made with Oregon grapes, grown right here in the heart of wine country.  Oregon has become known across the globe for its award-winning wines, thanks to its perfect climate for Pinot grapes.  We may be a little biased here, but the combination of Oregon wine and our technique for canning means that all three of our Bold Leaf wines are absolutely top-notch and stand up against bottled wines!  
  4. Ready to drink when you are!  This is also totally true.  With that point, we do want to add that the majority of canned wines should be consumed sooner rather than later. Most canned wines are actually made the same way that they’re bottled, with no consideration that they will be going into the can. This means that their shelf life is significantly less stable, and it’s hard to maintain quality control. Our wines, on the other hand, have been carefully formulated for optimal quality and the longest shelf life, about 6  to 9 months.  For easy drinking, guilt-free-upon-opening-right-now, and casual and/or table wine, canned wine is the perfect thing.  So skip the cellaring and pop one of these exceptionally drinkable selections whenever you want to. 

At the end of the day we recommend doing your own ‘research’ by giving canned wine a shot!  With lots of pros laid out for you, we hope we made your decision a bit easier.