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As we gear up for our 10th Annual Harvest Party this weekend, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic over the incredible journey that has brought us here to this milestone. It seems like a lifetime ago when we first set out with little more than a few tiny fermentation tanks tucked into an old taxi garage, and a dream to bring authentic craft cider back to our little corner of the world.

Although a lot has changed over the course of a decade, the things that really matter have stayed the same;

  • Our “garage” is a heck of a lot bigger these days, as are the tanks inside of it, but we still fill those tanks with the same whole, fresh-pressed ingredients.
  • Our product lineup has expanded from the initial two hard ciders (The InCider and The Bad Apple) into an ever-expanding array of flagship, seasonal, and specialty ciders, as well as hard seltzers, and as of this year, meads and canned wines. But what hasn’t changed is how proud we are to put our name on (and drink) every single one of them.
  • Our crew has grown from a couple of childhood friends with a dream, to over 100 amazing individuals, but each individual still brings their unique and diverse perspective to every challenge we face each day to make that dream a reality. 
  • And while our craft community has grown, scattered all across the globe, you still continue to humble us with your incredible enthusiasm, support and passion for these craft beverages.

Every year we use our anniversary as an opportunity to take time out to give thanks and celebrate not only the bounty of the Fall harvest, but more importantly our incredible supporters who make everything we do possible. That’s what Harvest Party is all about, and in 2020 we’re especially thankful for a reason to celebrate. 

Of course, we would love nothing more than to be able to gather everyone in our production facility, filling carabiner-mugs with cider poured from a pumpkin, but we’ll just have to save the in-person party for when it’s safe again. In the meantime, put on your onesie, pop a bottle of 10th Anniversary cider, and cozy up by a fire with your favorite device to join the live stream. We’re testing our tech-savvy as we take #2TownsHarvestParty virtual this year. 

On the BrightCider, it’s pretty cool that due to going virtual this year we get to celebrate with anyone and everyone, near and far, as each one of you is part of the story, and the reason we’re where we are today. So tune in on Saturday 10/17 at 2pm PST at as we stream live from the Ciderhouse a collective cheers from afar to a decade of boldly crafted cider!


Scott Bugni

Marketing Director