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Bauman’s Cider Co.—Oregon’s acclaimed farm-based cidery—and 2 Towns Ciderhouse—the state’s largest craft cider producer—along with Portland Cider Company, have been recognized by a global panel of judges on their mastery of traditional cidermaking styles and their innovations spotlighting Oregon’s distinct terroir.

PORTLAND, OR—April 24, 2024—Oregon proudly brought home nine medals from the International Cider Awards, held this March in Manchester, UK. Oregon cidermakers will head to London next week to receive their awards at the May 1 ceremony. All together, this is the most medals a single cider-producing US state has ever taken home from the world’s international stage. The winning Oregon cidermakers attribute their success to the Oregon cider industry’s deeply-felt sense of community and the incredible terroir within the region.

The International Brewing and Cider Awards, established in 1886, offers an opportunity for cidermakers to have their products evaluated by internationally acclaimed, commercially practicing cidermakers from around the world. Bauman’s Cider Co., 2 Towns Ciderhouse, and the Portland Cider Company represented the state of Oregon, with particular achievements in the Tannic Cider category, where five of seven total category medals went to cideries from the Beaver state. The demonstrated mastery of both traditional European cider styles and modern cider styles firmly establishes Oregon ciders in a class of their own.

The International Cider Awards comprise three cider categories with 15 classes, including Classic, Flavoured and Innovative Cider, alongside variations on style including Rosé, Ice and Botanical Cider. Dave Takush, Head Cidermaker at 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Christine Walter, Founder and Head Cidermaker of Bauman’s Cider Co., and Jeff Parrish, Founder of Portland Cider Company, submitted ciders. Christine additionally served as a judge for this competition.

This was Christine Walter’s second year serving as judge alongside esteemed cidermakers from all over the world. “Having tasted so many outstanding ciders over the course of three solid days of judging,” shared Christine, “I feel truly honored and proud of my team for the phenomenal successes that we were awarded this year. The cider industry here in Oregon is so strong, collaborative, and supportive. I can’t help but attribute our success on the international stage to this richness and depth of friendships in the industry that drive us individually and collectively to bring our very best ciders to the table, again and again.” Last competition, Bauman’s took home a single Gold medal in the Modern category, for their McIntosh Single Varietal. This year, they took home 5 total medals across Modern and Traditional categories, including Bauman’s Mountain Rose SV, the cidery’s most-awarded cider.

Dave Takush, Head Cidermaker and Co-founder of 2 Towns Ciderhouse, reflects on the significance of this success, stating, “To have our ciders recognized alongside centuries-old English traditional cideries is truly humbling. It speaks to the commitment of Oregon cideries and the distinctive terroir of our region, which allows us to create ciders that stand out on the global stage.” Takush explains, “In recent years, Oregon cideries have embraced traditional styles with a Pacific Northwest twist, showcasing the incredible diversity of flavors that our region has to offer. While the tannic, traditional varieties are inherently ubiquitous in England, it’s only recently that producers in the US have ventured into this style of cider. 13 years ago these traditional bittersweet varieties like Kingston Black didn’t exist in Oregon. We had to graft these trees by hand, build the deer fences, and till the ground. My dad is still mowing the orchard 13 years later and all our work is finally paying off.”

Over its rich 137-year history, the integrity, professionalism and judging standards of the International Brewing and Cider Awards has been unswerving, providing an established platform for entrants to gain recognition on a global stage and showcase their products as an outstanding example of their style within the brewing and cider world. Unlike most other beverage awards, the judging panel is composed of technical industry experts (as opposed to consumers) and only one gold medal per category is granted, contributing to the prestige and honor of these accolades.

“The fact that this award is given by cider makers to cider makers is a huge honor,” said Jeff Parrish of Portland Cider Company, “And we’re so happy to see Oregon ciders taking a number of the top spots this year. Since we started making cider 11 years ago, we’ve watched the industry grow and thrive—especially in the Pacific Northwest. We used to be one of the only places you could order cider in Portland, and now our region is world-renowned for its amazing cideries! We’re proud to be a part of it.” Portland, Oregon consumes more cider per capita than anywhere else in the United States.

The accomplishments of these Oregon cidermakers are reminiscent of the 1976 Judgement of Paris (depicted in the 2008 film, Bottleshock), where California winemakers shook the European wine world by achieving the highest scores in a series of blind tastings by a panel of French judges. The results of this competition are credited with the recognition of “New World” wines by the old guards, including those grown in Oregon. Now enter Oregon cider, often considered the underdog in the beverage world, and in a similar, astonishing move has earned its place on the mainstage among English Cideries with hundreds of years of tradition and history.

As Oregon cideries continue to garner international acclaim, Takush looks ahead to a future filled with possibility. He remarks, “This recognition reaffirms Oregon’s position as a leader in the global cider community. We’re excited to continue to push boundaries, explore new techniques, and share the unique story of Oregon cider with the world.”

The winning Oregon ciders include:

  • Class 1.1 Tannic Cider Class- Dry: Bauman’s Do you Fancy A Roadtrip? (Gold)
  • Class 1.1 Tannic Cider Class- Dry: Bauman’s Sauvie Island Blend (Silver)
  • Class 1.2 Tannic Cider Class- Medium: 2 Towns 2022 Cidre Bouché (Gold)
  • Class 1.2 Tannic Cider Class- Medium: Bauman’s Little Green Apples (Silver)
  • Class 1.2 Tannic Cider Class-Medium: 2 Towns Kingston Black Single Varietal (Bronze)
  • Class 2.1 ‐ Modern Cider Class – Dry: Bauman’s Authentic Cider (Gold)
  • Category 7 – Rose Cider (3% – 8.5% ABV): Bauman’s Mountain Rose SV (Silver)
  • Class 2.3 – Modern Cider Class ‐ Sweet: Portland Cider Company, Original Gold (Gold)
  • Class 2.2 Modern Cider Class – Medium: Portland Cider Company, English Pub (Silver)

About 2 Towns Ciderhouse
2 Towns Ciderhouse was founded on the belief that the long history of cidermaking demands respect and deserves to be done right. Starting with the highest quality, whole ingredients from local farms, we take no shortcuts in crafting our ciders. Over the years, our company has retained these core values to branch out into different segments within the alcohol beverage space to become a premium total beverage company. Our goal is to create the best craft beverages on the market and continue to develop and evolve the beverage space in new and innovative ways.

From humble beginning in 2010 in an old 900 sq. ft. 2-car garage we have grown into one of the largest craft beverage companies in the northwest now employing over 100 individuals, distributing to 15+ states and running 3 different production facilities totaling almost 100,000 sq. feet. As a family-owned company, we are committed to the growth of our team and enrichment of our communities. We take pride in producing true Northwest craft beverages. For more information on 2 Towns Ciderhouse, visit

About Bauman’s Cider Co
Bauman’s Cider is an award-winning American cider company based in Oregon, founded in 2016 and led by Head Cidermaker Christine Bauman Walter. Inspired by her childhood amongst the apple trees on her family’s farm, homesteaded in 1895 in Oregon, Christine saw an opportunity to create something that didn’t exist in America’s cider industry west of the Mississippi: a renowned estate cidery that specialized in both modern and traditional ciders. At Bauman’s, Christine and her team explore the whole spectrum of cider-making, from big and bright Imperials to complex and age-worthy single varietals. This inclusive and innovative outlook, combined with Christine’s distinct ability to let the apples and the land speak through her cidermaking, is the linchpin in Bauman’s Cider’s meteoric rise in the industry.

In the eight years since its founding, Bauman’s has garnered over 160 medals for its ciders and won four consecutive titles of mid-sized cidery of the year at two of the most prestigious cider competitions in the US. In addition to her cidermaking, Christine is the Board President for the American Cider Association and sits on the board of the Cider Institute of North America. She travels the globe tirelessly on behalf of the cider industry, always in search of new producers, new cider inspiration, and new ways to uplift the world of cider to the wider drinking community. At every touch point, Christine and her team seek to upend expectations about American cider, and create a brighter future for the industry at large. Experience the world of Bauman’s Cider at Bauman’s on Oak, their Portland-based cidery and cider restaurant, in distribution throughout the Pacific Northwest, or available for purchase nationwide at

About Portland Cider Company
Portland Cider Company was founded in 2013 to bring hand-crafted, award-winning cider to the Northwest. The company recognizes Portland and her bold spirit as the inspiration behind their innovative ciders, and promises the cleanest, tastiest, and most enjoyable cider-drinking experience the city has to offer. Portland Cider has two taproom locations in the Portland metro area, where they encourage all to visit, sample, and expect more from the cider they drink. Visit and @portlandcider on social media.

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