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Dear 2 Towns Community,

It is challenging to make sense of the conflicts occurring in our communities as collective pain erupts into protests in cities throughout our nation and around the world in response to the death of George Floyd. These most recent events continue to highlight the inequities prevalent in our society and as we watch these events unfold, we find ourselves grieving the devastating realities of racism, hate, and violent responses.  All this on the back of an ongoing global pandemic that seems to keep us apart when we need each other most.

As a small business in a small town in Oregon, we recognize that we may never know the full extent of the issues at hand and the challenges faced by those most impacted. While we don’t claim to have a complete understanding of the issues or their solutions, we also won’t stand silent. 

Even within our craft communities, there are obstacles that make an entrance, or even participation, into the industry difficult for marginalized people. As an industry built on community, we need to work to remove those obstacles wherever we have the ability to and make sure all feel welcome and encouraged to join in. 

It is important during these moments of lucidity around a serious issue that we go beyond statements of solidarity, and take action. As we reflect and discuss internally what actions our organization can take to build upon our inclusive attitudes and policies, we also want to lend our support outwardly to the cause. 

We will be donating to both the national and local Corvallis chapter of the NAACP and their mission to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. Additionally, we will be working to build closer relationships with programs in the territories we distribute to, in an effort to support marginalized communities across our nation.

Keep talking, America. Continue the discourse. We support you and are with you.

2 Towns Ciderhouse