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2 Towns Bringing Craft Back To The People

Posted  04/21/20 in Uncategorized
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Corvallis, Ore. – April 21, 2020 Craft is a way of life in Oregon. Whether alcohol, food, or hand made goods, our communities are built on the pride of their local craft businesses. This is why 2 Towns Ciderhouse is excited to use its recently launched door-to-door delivery service to connect Oregonians with their favorite craft brands while staying home and staying safe.  2 Towns and SeekOut Seltzer...

Crash Course in Aging Cider with Brian Rutzen

Posted  08/13/18 in Uncategorized
With every new cider we release, and particularly with bottle conditioned varieties like our La Mûre, there are always at least a handful of curious fans reaching out to learn a little bit more about the individual ciders and whether they will age well. While aging alcohol in general is often considered common place, red wine or scotch immediately comes to mind, the re-emergence of aged ciders in the US...

Take A Trip To Pearadise

Posted  05/2/18 in Uncategorized
Howdy Cider Fans, Happy Spring! We have a brand new addition to our imperial seasonal cider lineup: Pearadise – an 8.6% abv blend of Northwest apples, Washington d’Anjou pears, and Oregon grown Muscat grapes. Now, there may be a few old school fans out there thinking, “Wait, what? Didn’t 2 Towns have a Pearadise cider way back when??” The answer of course, is ‘Yes!’ We had a Pearadise pear cider...

Passion Statement Stands Out as 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s Latest Limited Release

Posted  02/26/18 in Uncategorized
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Corvallis, Ore. – Feb. 26, 2018 –  Passion Statement, 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s current Limited Release, pairs flavorful Yellow Maracuyá passion fruit with fresh-pressed Northwest apples and D’Anjou pears. Sensational and exotic, Passion Statement stands out from the crowd with a flashy tropical tang that turns heads and tips pint glasses! When you try it, you won’t be able to look away when you find it at your...

Oregon Bottle Bill and Cider

Posted  01/16/18 in Uncategorized
With the recent update to the Oregon Bottle Bill, we are excited to be able to include more of our products in the state-wide deposit program. We wanted to take the opportunity to provide a little more information on the bottle bill, the 10¢ deposit, and how it pertains to 2 Towns Ciderhouse and our specific products.   Why didn’t our ciders have deposits before 2018? In the past we’ve...