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Howdy Cider Fans,

Happy Spring! We have a brand new addition to our imperial seasonal cider lineup: Pearadise – an 8.6% abv blend of Northwest apples, Washington d’Anjou pears, and Oregon grown Muscat grapes.

Now, there may be a few old school fans out there thinking, “Wait, what? Didn’t 2 Towns have a Pearadise cider way back when??” The answer of course, is ‘Yes!’ We had a Pearadise pear cider for a limited time waaaay back in 2012.

After hearing the call from our fans to bring back a pear cider, we decided it was time to re-launch Pearadise –This time as an imperial style summertime crusher. We wanted to make a cider that had more structure and more aromatics than the old Pearadise.

The new Pearadise is fermented with snappy Northwest apples to give this cider some backbone. Ripe Washington d’Anjou pears give this cider a kiss of sweetness, and Oregon grown Muscat grapes lend a lasting finish and an inspiring floral honeysuckle profile to this summer treat.

For those of you venturing outdoors to picnic in the nice weather, make sure you bring along a Pearadise to pair with your Brie and candied nuts. For the more adventurous cider drinkers, try pairing Pearadise with raw oysters on the half shell with a drizzle of shallot vinaigrette.

Just know that no matter where you go this summer, you can always bring Pearadise with you.