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Welcome ciderfans, to the looong awaited new website, and with it our blog! We know you’ve been longing for a better source of information on our ciders, our company, and other 2 Towns happenings, and believe it or not, so have we! This website project has been in the works for a very long time, and we apologize for the delay and frustration it likely caused when seeking out more information on the old page.

As a shoestring company started by young friends, we built our original website ourselves, and made it last as long as possible. We realized a long time ago that the website was unable to keep up with the growing demands of our business, and the need to communicate information, so we set out to build a completely custom designed website from the ground up. This took longer than anticipated. With everything else going on to keep up with you thirsty cider fans, our small team wanted to make sure we did it right, and we have big plans for utilizing and continuing to build on what you see today.

Well enough about the past, because as you can see, we’ve finally launched the new page, and we’re so stoked to have a working resource of information and direct communication with our loyal fans.

Take a look around, and check back often as we’ll have regular updates and exciting new products to discover. While you’re at it, subscribe to our Newsletter and stay current with everything 2 Towns!

Here’s a quick tour of what’s new!

  • The Ciders section has an up-to-date list with details on all of our past and present ciders
  • Shop our online merch store and get your hands on cider swag
  • Check out our brand new Cider Finder to locate exactly where to find our ciders near you!
  • Learn about what makes our cider craft, and all the extra steps we take in making it, in our Quality & How Craft Cider is Made Section
  • Learn more about our company in the Our Mission, Who We Are, and Company History sections
  • Find out what is going on right now just like you are right now, in our new Blog, as well as on the Events Page
  • Live near the Ciderhouse in Corvallis, OR, or planning to visit soon? Check out the dedicated Tap Room page for everything going on at our physical location, including what’s on tap right now

As always if you’ve got any feedback on anything we do, including the new website, we love hearing from our fans, so head on over to the Contact Us page and drop us a line!

Thank you again for your patience, and for all the enthusiasm and support over the years. We are truly humbled by your shared passion and appreciation for craft cider!





Scott Bugni
Marketing Director
2 Towns Ciderhouse