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Newtown Pippin Apples


The Newtown Pippin, also known as Albemarle Pippin, is an American apple that originated in the late 17th or early 18th century as a chance seedling (a “pippin”) on the Gershom Moore estate in the village of Newtown (now Long Island, New York).

The Newtown Pippin was the apple which defined the palate of new world ciders. Colonists found this apple so remarkable that Thomas Jefferson himself wrote from France during his travels “they have no apples here to compare with our Newtown Pippin”. It was brought across the United States with pioneers and homesteaders during their westward expansion, eventually making it to Oregon & Washington in the late 1800’s, thriving in the climate or this Northwest region, especially in the Hood River area.


The Newtown Pippin is a great cidermaking apple, with it’s high acid and tannin profile lending a strong backbone for balancing out other culinary varieties. We work directly with our farm partners to intentionally long-hang the Newtown Pippin apples for the BrightCider, which enhances the characteristics of this apple variety.