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Let’s be real here, who’s NOT looking for an excuse to get dolled up and have a cocktail out of a fancy glass?  Sign us up!

The Stellar SideCar is our spin on the classic sidecar cocktail with the added bonus of everyone’s new galactic getaway favorite…
Cosmic Crisp!

So get yourself all dolled up for a night in or just put on your favorite sweatpants and give this easy recipe a try!



Granulated sugar (for serving)
*¾ oz fresh lemon juice
*Slice of lemon
*2 oz brandy
*¾ oz triple sec
*Splash of Cosmic Crisp


1. Pour sugar onto a small plate.
2. Run the slice of lemon around the rim of the glass.
3. Dip flute’s rim into the sugar and then shake off excess.
4. Combine brandy, triple sec, lemon juice, and ice in the cocktail shaker.
5. Shake vigorously until the shaker is very cold to the touch.
6. Strain the cocktail into the glass.
7. Top with Cosmic Crisp.