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Imperial Cider

We’ve finally found a way to package the stars! With a bubbly visual profile that glistens and gleams like starlight and an 8% ABV, Cosmic Crisp® is sure to take you on an interstellar cider experience. Made with a resplendent blend of fresh-pressed Cosmic Crisp® and Northwest apples, this cider shines like starlight while bright, fruit-forward aromatics collide with a high-acid profile for a truly heavenly experience.

Made With Cosmic Crisp® Apples
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COSMIC CRISP® is crafted using a blend of fresh-pressed Cosmic Crisp® and NW apples.

Visual Profile: Clear, Bubbly, Platinum to Yellow Gold

Aroma: Apple, grapefruit

Flavor Profile: Vivacious, bubbly, apple-forward with a little tartness. Comparable dryness to our Serious Scrump without the 11% ABV.

ABV: 8%


Learn More About This Apple:

“The Cosmic Crisp® brand apple is the remarkably delicious result of 20 years of study and research by Washington State University’s world-class tree fruit breeding program. Classically bred by Washington State University researchers, Cosmic Crisp® brand apples are a cross between Enterprise and Honeycrisp.

Large, round, crisp, and super juicy, these bi-color apples have a rich red that almost sparkles with starburst-like lenticels—which is where the name “Cosmic” comes from. The natural balance of acid and sugar in Cosmic Crisp® apples gives them an unmatched sweetness, making them perfect for snacking, baking, and entertaining.

Naming this Washington apple involved several meetings with consumer focus groups around the state with sessions in Pullman, Yakima, and Seattle. The “Cosmic” factor of the name was developed because of the “striking” lenticels on the apple surface; they reminded the tasters of outer space and the cosmos. “Crisp” also links to its parent, ‘Honeycrisp.’ One of the outstanding attributes of the apple is its crisp texture.

[These] apples have earned the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved emblem! This emblem is granted to products that have been reviewed by the Good Housekeeping Institute Food & Nutrition Lab. Good Housekeeping describes the products with the emblem to be nutritious, meaning they’re based on real, whole foods; transparent, meaning they don’t use marketing language that implies they’re better for you than they really are, and simple, meaning they make it easy to choose healthier options. You can learn more about the emblem here.”

~ Cosmic Crisp® site


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