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Cidre Bouché

French Style Keeved Cider

~ Oregon grown bittersweet heirloom apples ~
~ Old-world keeving method ~
~ Wild fermented and aged in French oak casks ~

Inspired by the bittersweet ciders of France, Cidre Bouché is made using an old-world process called keeving. Starting with 100% traditional cider varieties like Kingston Black, Michelin, Reine des Pommes, Dabinett and Muscat de Lense, we let the fruit ‘sweat’ and intensify in aroma. The apples are crushed and left to soak on the skins before the juice is wild fermented slowly over the course of a year, and aged in French oak casks. When finished, this keeved cider is rich, thick, and brimming with overripe bittersweet apple character.

Made With Oregon Grown Bittersweet Heirloom Apples
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Cidre Bouché is made entirely of old-world french bittersweet cider apples, including Muscat de Lense, Domaines, Medialle d’Or, and Michelin apples. Though these apples are all of French heritage, we use all apples grown right here in the Willamette Valley. A number of these apples come from our own traditional cider apple orchard in our hometown of Corvallis, Oregon.

Cidre Bouché is perhaps one of our most labor intensive and complex ciders. Made using a traditional French method of pressing and fermenting called ‘keeving,’ Cidre Bouche has complex notes of earth, over-ripe apples, apple blossom and barnyard, making it a wonderful example of the old world french style. Keeving allows for and encourages a lengthy fermentation using only wild yeast, which adds to the complexity of the bouquet. After fermentation is complete, we age the cider in french oak foeders, allowing the intense tannins to mellow and create a full, structured mouthfeel. The low acidity and high tannin content of these apples creates a rich, lush, and full bodied cider that is balanced out to dryness with the immense amount of tannins in the cider.



  • Oregon Grown Bittersweet Heirloom Apples

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  • 375ml Bottles
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