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Cot in the Act

Unfiltered Apricot Cider

Luminous & divine, Cot in the Act is just too tempting to resist, coupling Northwest apples with local Rival apricots. Referred to as "golden eggs of the sun" by the Greeks, apricots make this seasonal cider the perfect summer treat.

Made With Rival Apricots
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Cot in the Act brings together fresh-pressed Northwest apples and Washington-grown ripe and juicy Rival apricots. Apricots lend a wonderfully sweet fruity aroma to the cider, and also contribute a significant amount of acidity that helps to balance the cider profile.  

We use the whole apricots (minus the pits) and turn them into a puree that we add directly to the fermenter. We let the apricot rest in the tank until fermentation is complete and the aroma and flavor is fully extracted. The result is a delicate, velvety apricot taste that showcases the delectable pairing of Northwest apples and these small golden stone fruit.  



  • Rival Apricots


Fresh-pressed Northwest apples, Rival apricots

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Available in

  • 500ml Bottles
  • 12oz Cans
  • 1/6 Barrel Keg
  • 1/2 Barrel Keg

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