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Serious Scrump

Imperial English Cider

Serious Scrump is a dry cider made in a bold Northwest fashion. An eclectic blend of apples are pressed, frozen and then slowly thawed, resulting in thick, aromatic juice. The juice is then cold fermented with traditional English cider yeast. Enjoy the deep, rich character of this celebratory cider and get serious about your Scrump!

Made With Ice Juice
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Scrumpy ciders originate from ‘West country’ England. The Scrumpy name refers to a ‘rough’ or unfiltered cider that is usually quite alcoholic. These ciders have historically been made with a blend of unselected apples, whatever happens to be around, leftover, or stolen.

In our modern, Northwest version of a scrumpy, we use a blend of high acid Pacific Northwest apples and add a touch of special ‘ice juice’ to raise the alcohol to 11% abv and create a dry, strong cider. We make the ice juice by taking fresh pressed Northwest apple juice and freezing it solid. Then, slowly over the course of several days, we let the intensified ‘ice juice’ drain out, leaving a frozen slushy of water crystals behind. The resulting high sugar, rich juice provides a boost of apple taste and the fuel needed for the yeast to reach that “Serious” ABV!


  • Ice Juice


Fresh-pressed Northwest apples

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  • 500ml Bottles
  • 1/6 Barrel Keg
  • 1/2 Barrel Keg

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