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La Mûre

Lambic Style Cider

~ Oregon grown Marion blackberries ~
~ Soured with Lactobacillus ~
~ Aged in Willamette Valley pinot noir barrels ~

Inspired by the historic lambic beers of Belgium, La Mûre embodies the Flemish styles of old. Northwest apples and Oregon grown Marion blackberries are fermented wild with Lactobacillus. Aged in Willamette Valley pinot noir barrels for one year, this unique cider is then removed from these dusty casks and bottle conditioned, revealing complex aromatics and a lactic tang that only time can unfold.

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A lambic style sour cider, La Mûre is made of Northwest apples and Oregon grown marion blackberries. La Mûre is fermented bone dry, and then is moved to Oregon pinot noir oak barrels to age for one year. Here, the cider undergoes a secondary lactobacillus fermentation giving it a lactic ‘tang’. This is a similar method of lambic beer production that creates the sour beers of Belgium. The cider is bottle conditioned and is another great cider to age in the cellar as it will change and get more sour over time.



Fresh-pressed Northwest apples, Marionberries

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Available in

  • 375ml Bottles
  • 1/6 Barrel Keg

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