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Blueberry Daze

Blueberry Lavender Cider

Aromatic & velvety smooth, Blueberry Daze is ready to groove. Crafted from a harmonious ensemble of PNW grown apples, blueberries & muscat grapes, this funkalicious cider finishes on a lavender high note that will leave you in a daze!

Made With Blueberries & Lavender
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~Crafted with Pacific Northwest blueberries and Rogue Valley muscat grape juice.

~ The use of whole lavender flower creates a rich and floral aromatic experience.

~ Deep purple hue with a velvety, fruity profile.



Tasting Notes

Blueberry Daze is a rich, smooth, soft, velvety, lush, and crazy aromatic cider. Yes. All those adjectives. The unfiltered, fresh-pressed Pacific Northwest blueberry juice is dark and full of rich berry-licious flavor. The addition of Muscat grapes lend the cider an incredibly fruity and floral aroma, while the lavender finishes the cider with deep, floral, and intoxicating notes.


  • Blueberries & Lavender

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Available in

  • 500ml Bottles
  • 1/6 Barrel Keg
  • 1/2 Barrel Keg

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