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Season’s Greetings Cider Fans,

Having survived another busy apple harvest this Fall, we’re excited for the holidays ahead and some welcome R&R.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re teaming up with our friends of the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) to encourage everyone to PickCider, and give one of America’s great traditions a seat at your family’s table this holiday season!

In the spirit of picking cider for the holidays we thought we would suggest a few of our favorites that pair beautifully with the festive ambiance, celebratory feasts, and most importantly, family and friends gathered ‘round.

So bundle up and put your mittens on, we are going on a sleigh ride through cider town!

2 Towns Ciderhouse: 2016 Vintage Cidre Bouché – French Style Keeved Cider

2 Towns Ciderhouse – Traditions
2016 Vintage Cidre Bouché – French Style Keeved Cider

Rich, thick, and brimming with over-ripe bittersweet flavors, this cider has enough tannin back-bone to pair with any holiday meal, but is lush enough to drink all on its own –preferably with laughing friends. Hints of farmhouse and toasted oak.


PickCider: Neige - Apple Ice Wine

Apple Ice Wine

Made by our Quebecoise amis up North, this Canadian treat is truly magical. A sweet, intense and almost unbelievable aroma lifts out of the glass reminding you what the holidays are all about. Best paired with desserts and sub-freezing temperatures.


PickCider: 2 Towns Ciderhouse - 2014 Vintage Pommeau


2 Towns Ciderhouse – Traditions
2014 Vintage Pommeau

Dried apples, fruit leather, and spirituous aromas await. This specialty barrel-aged port-style cider is made using a blend of fresh-pressed Willamette Valley apples fortified with apple brandy, distilled for us by our friends just down the road at Vivacity Spirits. At 19% abv, this will warm you up on cold, dark nights. Have a fire ready.




E.Z. Orchards
Cidre Semi-Dry

A taste of true Willamette Valley terroir, E.Z. Orchards produces some of the finest French style ciders in the world (including those produced in Normandy). Made with a wide variety of French bittersweet apples grown at E.Z. orchards’ farm, this cider is a wonderful foray into the upper echelons of the cider world.


2 Towns Ciderhouse – Traditions
2016 Vintage Riverwood – New World Brut Cider

A crowd favorite, this brut cider will please just about everyone and pairs exceptionally with every form of holiday comfort food. Made with Jonagold apples grown 20 miles from our cellar, the 2015 vintage has sold out, but the 2016 vintage releases Dec 16th. Get it before it is gone!


PickCider: Le Pere Jules - Poire de Normandie

Le Pere Jules
Poire de Normandie

If you want something different for your table this holiday season, try a French Perry from Normandy. Made with ‘perry pears’ this highly carbonated perry is twice as fun as champagne at half the alcohol. Aromas of fresh picked pears burst out of the glass finished by a kiss of sweetness. You won’t even need any mistletoe.


PickCider: 2 TownsCiderhouse - Nice & Naughty - Imperial Spiced Cider
2 Towns Ciderhouse
Nice & Naughty – 10.5% ABV Imperial Spiced Cider

Last but not least, no cider wish list would be complete without our Imperial Spiced Cider – Nice & Naughty. Packing a quintessential festive holiday pairing of apples and cinnamon, and a 10.5% naughty side that’l put your “list” status in jeopardy if you’re not careful, this cider brings enough holiday cheer to steal the show from your overachieving neighbor.


As, many of these ciders can be difficult to find, we recommend checking with your local craft bottle shop, or for the 2 Towns on the list give our Cider Finder a try!