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2021 Green Mountain Grills

Greetings, Grillers!

Your smokin’ hot summer is back! This year, we have teamed up with our friends at Green Mountain Grills AND Spiceology to giveaway SIX Ledge Prime Wifi Pellet Smoker Grills.

These premium smoker grills, partnered with a bundled mélange of Spiceology rubs and spices, will ensure your BBQ game is on point and full of tons of fun and flavor.

Now through August 31, 2021, visit your nearest participating grocery store where 2 Towns is sold, for a chance to enter. Cider displays in participating stores will contain a QR code with instructions to enter.

Not only are we giving away some amazing grills we’ve also come up with some ridiculously delicious recipes to help inspire your next meal, enjoyed exquisitely with your Boldly Crafted Cider.

Boldly Crafted Recipes

Ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound grilling skills? We’ve gotcha covered. We’ve pulled together some super simple, super impressive recipes that are sure to wow anyone (even yourself)!

Check-in weekly as we add new drool-worthy recipes, made with everyone’s favorite Boldly Crafted Cider on the best pellet grill around!

Can’t find some of the ciders that we’ve got in our recipes? Our Cider Finder should be able to help you out! Additionally, if you live in the Oregon Willamette Valley, we recommend swinging by our taproom or ordering from our free local delivery program!

Smoked Tropical Mayhem Sangria

Featuring Tropical Mayhem

Who’s ready to get tropical? This sangria is basically guaranteed (not actually, but it could be) to knock out whatever stress you’ve had to deal with any day of the week. Delightfully smoked fruit mixed with Tropical Mayhem will make you feel like you’re on an island getaway, even if you’re sitting in a kiddie pool in your backyard.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Prickly Pearadise Pork Tacos

Featuring Prickly Pearadise

Looking for a beverage that screams summer vibes while still maintaining a You’ve had pulled pork tacos, but I’ll bet you haven’t had them with this southwestern spin. These pork tacos are a one-way ticket to “pear”adise, using Prickly Pearadise hard cider as the base of a pork injection and smoked salsa made with prickly pear fruit.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Bright-Burger with Brightcider Cheese

Featuring Brightcider

All things are better with a cheese sauce… Right? This Brightcider Cheese Pub Burger is no exception. Combining cider cheese and a soft pretzel bun, this burger is bound to bring that pub-style experience straight to your backyard.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Smokey Jalapeno Margaritas

Featuring Nectarade

This cocktail has a little something for everyone, sweet, spice, and a nice acid bite, throw some smokiness into the mix and you’ve just leveled up your margarita experience. Our Smokey Jalapeno Margarita is super simple and can be made in batches for a real crowd pleaser!

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Grilled Peaches with Vegan Blackberry Cream

Featuring Made Marion

Do we have a summertime treat for you!  Our Grilled Peaches with Vegan Blackberry Cream will impress even your most picky of guests.  You can even make the cream ahead of time so you don’t have to miss a beat at your next grill out!

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Prawn Skewers

Featuring Prickly Pearadise

The perfect snack and addition to any happy hour with family and friends, these prawn skewers couldn’t be more simple.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Smoked Bloody Mary

Featuring Cosmic Crisp

This is really the best use for those prawn skewers, garnishing our take on a traditional bloody mary! Super fresh flavors collide to create one of the best morning cocktails you’ve ever had.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Vegan ‘Queso’

Featuring Brightcider

Do you love cheese but cheese doesn’t love you? We’ve got you covered with our Vegan & GF nut-based queso. Impress all your vegan friends with your new cooking skills!

Check out the full recipe her‎e!


August 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021

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