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2020 Green Mountain Grills

It’s summertime, which means that it is time to get grilling!

This summer is definitely a bit a-typical, but that sure isn’t going to stop us from enjoying a good backyard BBQ, even if it is just with family and our quarantine pod!

To make sure that our BBQ game is on point, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Green Mountain Grills to bring you a whole slew of great recipes made with your favorite Boldly Crafted Cider that are really going to wow the (very tiny) crowd. On top of that, we’re giving away a GMG grill so your backyard setup will be the envy of all!

Now through August 31, 2020, if you live in California, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, you have a chance to win a Daniel Boone Prime with Wi-Fi and a grill accessory bundle to really spice up your backyard cooking game.

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Boldly Crafted Recipes

Itching to try out some new recipes that aren’t just bread? Time to start a new quarantine trend with some scrumptious recipes that are made to be smoked on your pellet grill. Patience is the name of the game when smoking food, just like a good sourdough loaf, so we think you all will love these still.

Check-in weekly as we add new drool-worthy recipes, made with everyone’s favorite Boldly Crafted Cider on the best pellet grill around!

Can’t find some of the ciders that we’ve got in our recipes? Our Cider Finder should be able to help you out! Additionally, if you live in the Oregon Willamette Valley, we recommend swinging by our tap room or ordering from our free local delivery program!

Smoked Fruit Cider Sangria

Featuring Made Marion

Looking for a beverage that screams summer vibes while still maintaining a certain level of share-worthy sophistication? This is a simple and flexible recipe that should be sure to make you feel a million miles away, even if you never leave the comfort of your backyard.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Prickly Pearadise Pork Tacos

Featuring Prickly Pearadise

Looking for a beverage that screams summer vibes while still maintaining a You’ve had pulled pork tacos, but I’ll bet you haven’t had them with this southwestern spin. These pork tacos are a one-way ticket to “pear”adise, using Prickly Pearadise hard cider as the base of a pork injection and smoked salsa made with prickly pear fruit.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Bright-Burger with Brightcider Cheese

Featuring Brightcider

All things are better with a cheese sauce… Right? This Brightcider Cheese Pub Burger is no exception. Combining cider cheese and a soft pretzel bun, this burger is bound to bring that pub-style experience straight to your backyard.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!

Marissimo Cast Iron Blackberry Cobbler with Marissimo Whipped Cream

Featuring Marissimo

Don’t stop with dinner, dessert can come off the grill too! This decadent dish is smokey and sweet with the incredible flavor of northwest grown blackberries being complemented by the addition of Marissimo, Marionberry Apple Port, and a buttery batter that smooths it all out.

Check out the full recipe her‎e!



GRAND PRIZE: ONE (1) Green Mountain Daniel Boone Prime Wi-Fi Grill with a Grill Cover, Top Rack, and Pellets.

FIRST PRIZE: ONE (1) Green Mountain Daniel Boone Prime Wi-Fi Grill.


Method 1: Text 2TGMG to 55678

Method 2: Print your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and “2TGMG” Sweepstakes on a 3x 5 card and mail in an envelope to: 2TGMG, P.O. Box 40216, Phoenix, AZ 85067. All mail entries must be postmarked by August 31, 2020 and received by September 4, 2020.


8/1/2020 – 8/31/2020

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